Steampunk and urban fantasy and SF book roundup!

By Hook or By Crook

By Hook or By Crook

Picked up in print from Third Place Books:

  • Chapelwood, by Cherie Priest. Already bought in ebook, but Priest IS on my list of “people I want in both formats”! And also, see previous commentary re: Lizzie Borden taking an axe to Cthulhu. 😀
  • A Red-Rose Chain, by Seanan McGuire. Her latest October Daye novel, and since I’m finally starting to get caught up on these, I figured I should go ahead and buy the new one while I’m at it! Let it also be said that I really like the cover on this one, both for color scheme and for how the woman in the picture a) is facing forward and b) has a HEAD. But Chris McGrath’s art is consistently excellent that way, and I like seeing his interpretations of Toby as much as I’ve liked seeing his interpretations of Harry Dresden and Harper Blaine!

Picked up electronically from Amazon:

  • Dark Beyond the Stars. SF anthology, with all female authors. Grabbed this on general principles after seeing this post on the Mary Sue, describing how a troll in the Amazon reviews of this anthology took it upon himself to deride women writing SF. All signs point to this chucklehead doing it on purpose to try to draw attention to his own book, to wit, ugh. I’m not going to bother to name him; you can figure it out for yourself if you care, if you dig through the comments on the post. Me, I’d rather call attention to the antho, which I grabbed in no small part because Julie Czerneda did the intro on it and I DO love me some Czerneda. The ebook is an Amazon-only release, unfortunately, and the print edition is through CreateSpace–which is also Amazon. So if you care about either of those things but still want to support the anthology, you might consider contacting the publisher and asking if they’ll do a non-Amazon release.

Picked up electronically from Kobo:

  • Binti, by Nnedi Okorafor. SF. Novella released directly by, which I’m snagging out of general interest in increasing the presence of writers of color AND protagonists of color in my library, and also because the concept sounds awesome.
  • Demon Fare, by Cory Dale. Urban fantasy. Snagged this because of having featured it on Boosting the Signal!
  • City of Pearl and Crossing the Line, by Karen Traviss. SF. Books 1 and 2 of her Wess’har Wars series. I read Book 1 ages ago and quite liked it, and kept meaning to continue the series. Rebuy of both in ebook since they’re currently available for $3.99 each.
  • By Hook or By Crook, by Eleri Stone. Steampunk romance. Snagged this because Eleri is a fellow member of the Here Be Magic blog! But also because I LOVE her cover. Her heroine has a HEAD. And she’s actually LOOKING AT THE READER. AND! I love that “excuse me?” look on her face, as if she’s just lifted up her goggles to get a better look at whatever damnfool thing has just been done in her presence. Probably by the hero. ;D This? This is a cover that makes me want to learn more about who this person is, and what her story is. For bonus awesome, it’s currently available for 99 cents!

65 for the year.

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