Multi-genre ebook roundup

A Lily Among Thorns

A Lily Among Thorns

Picked up from Kobo:

  • Uprooted, by Naomi Novik. YA fantasy. Gotten since I’ve been hearing buzz about this all summer, and because I’m eager to see what Novik will do with a non-Temeraire novel.
  • Chapelwood, by Cherie Priest. Fantasy/Horror. Book Two of her Borden Dispatches, because Lizzie Borden had an axe and gave Cthulhu forty whacks FUCK YEAH. (And when she saw what she had done, she gave Azathoth forty-one! Presumably that’ll happen in this book. >:D Or so I would like to HOPE.)
  • A Lily Among Thorns, by Rose Lerner. Historical romance. Gotten because it’s on sale as of this writing for 99 cents, because I saw it posted about over here on Dear Author, because it got my attention with the description of “gender flipping historical” (by which it means, the heroine is the one who’s a hardened experienced individual with a criminal background, and the hero is the innocent one), and because I really rather love that cover. I like its color scheme and the relative chasteness of the kiss, and how both parties are in fact fully clothed. A refreshing change of pace. 😉

Preordered from Crossed Genres:

Ordered from O’Reilly Media:

  • Designing for Performance: Weighing Aesthetics and Speed, by Lara Callender Hogan. I saw this getting plugged on the Mary Sue, and after clicking over to the official site to read about it, I realized that a) this might actually be a decent book to brush up my day job skills, and b) I really like that the author is donating proceeds from sales to programs that encourage girls and women to get into coding. If you think this is an awesome thing too, go check the book’s site out.

Picked up from Smashwords:

  • Mad Science Institute, by Sechin Tower. YA. This was one of the books we were selling on the NIWA table at Worldcon, and I really loved fellow author Lee French’s pitch of this as “it’s a James Bond story, only with Tesla instead of Bond, and Tesla is a girl”. Plus book 2 has the title The Non-Zombie Apocalypse, which I gotta admit is a great title.

And lastly, picked up from Amazon:

  • Night Hawk, by Jolene Loraine. SF. This was another book being sold by the NIWA table at Worldcon–and in this particular case, the author herself was one of the ones working the table. I was very happy to have her as a co-table-runner, and was also quite envious of her gorgeous cover art. After hearing her talk to visitors to the table about how her book had a space-opera feel similar to Star Wars, as well as descriptions of her fully sapient horse-like creatures, I went ahead and snagged book 1 off of Amazon. (She’s Amazon-exclusive for the ebooks, so I’m buying from them for once.)

57 for the year.

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