Quick book roundup

Grabbed from iBooks. Both of these are recent Tor releases, which I picked up due to liking the look of their excerpts posted on

  • Unwept, by Tracy Hickman and Laura Hickman.
  • Child of a Hidden Sea, by A.M. Dellamonica

Grabbed from The Dreaming, a comic shop in the University District:

  • Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal: The Novelization, by A.C.H. Smith. Got this because of also having gotten the edition of The Labyrinth that came out.
  • The Complete Elfquest, Vol. 1, by Wendy and Richard Pini. Gotten because a) always a pleasure to buy Elfquest, and b) having this edition around means I can have something to share with folks in case anyone visiting wants to check Elfquest out.

114 for the year.

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