What should I name this zombie?

My pal Kaye, originally a pal from my days on PernMUSH and now a Facebook friend, sent me a present that was waiting for me when Dara and I got back from Canada on Sunday night! Namely, a box of Plants Vs. Zombies trading cards–and this little guy along with them!

Road Cones Protect My Head

Road Cones Protect My Head

I feel a poll coming on, because clearly, this zombie needs a name! Some suggestions I have received so far include “Mal” (because he’s wearing a brown coat, doncha see), “Beldar” (because Conehead), and “Gerald” (I could see him looking like a Gerald)!

Drop your suggestions into the comments, Internets! This may well be fuel for a second Vengeance of the Hunter giveaway, so suggest wisely!

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