Valor of the Healer

Valor of the Healer winner #4 chosen; giveaway #5 starts now!

Today’s winner of Valor of the Healer is Becky, who both commented to me on my blog AND who added the book to her To Read list on Goodreads! Notification has been sent to her of her win and her prior entries on the list have been removed!

All other entrants, your entries remain on the running list! And new folks, no time like the present if you want in on tomorrow’s giveaway copy of the book!

As before, here’s what you can do to get in!

Any of these actions gets you one entry apiece:

  • Drop a comment to me on this post as seen on, LJ, or Dreamwidth
  • Comment to me on Facebook when you see the post go up
  • Tweet to me when you see the post tweeted
  • Comment to me on Google+ when you see the post

Any of THESE actions will get you two entries apiece:

  • Blog on your own journal or site about the book’s imminent release
  • Post to your Facebook wall and tag me so I can see it
  • Retweet when you see the post go up, or write a tweet of your own and @mention me so I see it show up
  • Post to your G+ feed and tag me there

If you review the book anywhere, on your own site, on Amazon, on Goodreads, wherever, and send me a link or screenshot, you will receive FIVE entries.

Also, just to make things a little more amusing, if any entrants have friends in turn spread the word from them, that’ll be worth two entries not only for the original entrant but for the next-tier entrant as well. So if you post to your Facebook wall and your friend shares YOUR post, mentioning that “my friend so-and-so gave me a heads up about this book” or something similar, that’ll be worth two entries to both of you! But remember, I need to see evidence of both posts!

Boost the signal, my lovelies! Faanshi, Julian, and Kestar want to come visit you all!

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