Valor of the Healer

I need your review blog recommendations!

RIGHT THEN, I have to start thinking about getting the word out for Valor of the Healer, since this puppy’s dropping on April 15th!

Now, as y’all know, Valor is predominantly high fantasy, albeit with romantic elements. By ‘romantic elements’, I mean, there’s a love story on the side, but the focus is on the fantasy rather than on the romance. You may expect that I’m not going to get explicit with any expression of said romance, since that’s generally not my m.o.

My question for you, O Internets, is this: which review blogs shall I contact about potentially reviewing it?

Some of you who may be reading this are people who reviewed Faerie Blood in the past, so if you’d be up for taking a look at Valor, do let me know.

But I’d also like to start pinging any blogs which are:

  • Primarily focused on SF/F, but which are also friendly to romance-friendly works
  • Specifically targeted at SF/F with romantic elements
  • Geek-girl friendly
  • General fantasy

Valor is not yet on NetGalley, but Carina does maintain a presence there, so Valor should hopefully be showing up there sometime in March. I’m also on the alert for when I myself will have access to ARCs to distribute as appropriate.

Note also that as Carina is a digital publisher, any blog that reviews it has to naturally be friendly to digital-only publications!

So if you’ve got recs, or if you’ve got specific interest in reviewing the book and are yourself a review blogger, please talk to me and thank you in advance! And signal boost, O Internets! Signal boost like the wind!

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