Faerie Blood

Announcing a Faerie Blood SALE!

Because bad medical news makes me stressy and antsy, and because DAMMIT ALL next week is my birthday and I need a boost of spirits, and because I pretty much CAN, I am now putting Faerie Blood ON SALE!

Effective immediately (for values of ‘immediately’ meaning ‘as soon as all the ebook vending sites finish processing the price change’), the ebook edition of Faerie Blood will be available for $2.99. This price will be effective until the end of January (although if it causes a sharp enough spike in sales, I may run the sale longer). The sale price should be applicable to all sales on Amazon, B&N, iTunes, Smashwords, and Kobo, and for those of you who’d just as soon buy directly from me, I’ll happily hand-sell you the ebook in the format(s) of your choice for the same price.

Sale prices will also apply to the print editions I still have in my personal stock. $15 even to all comers and I’ll ship to you free of charge.

Signal boosts to all and sundry would be very, very appreciated, folks! Especially if you’ve already got your own copy of Faerie Blood. If you liked it, please tell folks. Reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, or any other place where Faerie Blood is sold would be awesome as well. Thanks all.

ETA: Might be helpful if I added LINKS, no? Here you go!

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | iTunes | Kobo | Smashwords

Those are all the main US links! Further links, including the various non-US Amazon, B&N, and iTunes sites, can be found on Faerie Blood’s official page!

ETA #2: Some more links, hopefully to pull in folks where I’ve periodically sold copies outside the US!

For my Canadian pals: Amazon CA | iTunes CA | Kobo

For the UK: Amazon UK | Nook UK | iTunes UK

And don’t forget, folks, you can also buy ebook copies directly from me if you’d rather not go through a commercial vendor! I’m the only source for the fancy PDFs with a high-res cover and a bonus interior pen-and-ink version of the cover art as well, which’d look awfully good on an iPad or a Kindle Fire or an Android tablet. Talk to me directly as well if you’d like a print copy of the book! Email to my angela.korrati address on gmail, or use my Contact form!

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