Faerie Blood

Question for the publishing industry geeks out there

Okay so yeah, second printing for Faerie Blood! Dara and I want to make this happen!

But as I’ve posted before, before this run goes out, I want to fix the typo in Chapter 20 reported to me by eagle-eyed Kickstarter backer Scott. Here’s the part that stymies Dara and me, though: does fixing a typo, a fix that is literally just removing a single character from a word, justify updating the printing information listed at the beginning of the book, on the copyright page?

Right now that information looks like this:

Second edition 2012
First printing, this edition, 2012
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Printed by Third Place Press
Lake Forest Park, Seattle

And what we don’t know is whether making a change so small would justify changing this to read “Second printing, this edition, 2012”, and/or changing the line of numbers. Sure, this is self-pub and we could do it either way–and it seems weird to me to go to the trouble for removing a single character from the story–but Dara and I are cognizant that there is PROTOCOL HERE DAMMIT and we’re genuinely curious about what the protocol actually is. We’re treating this book like it was professionally produced, we want to damn well follow appropriate protocols!

Can anybody fill us in?

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