Faerie Blood

Faerie Blood now live on Barnes and Noble!

Hey, Nook owners! You can buy Faerie Blood now right over here!

For extra bonus fun, I’ve found out that B&N also has a pre-order link live for the print version, which I was NOT expecting! Third Place tells me they must have picked that up when the ISBN for it went live. And that link is over here!

(I noted with chagrin that Korra’ti came through spelled wrong on the print version–as Korra’Ti, which is sadly a common way my name gets mangled, and which is one of the big reasons that Angela Highland will be coming into play soon. I’ve already asked Third Place to fix that. I’ll have to see if that fix gets processed. Surprised and pleased though to see that if you search for the book on B&N now, both versions pop up. COOL!)

Anyway, there you go, another way to buy the book! The official book page has been updated accordingly!

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