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Kickstarter rewards update

Today, I spent a great deal of time taking care of various aspects of dealing with Kickstarter rewards to send out to people, so here’s a quick status update on that!

Those of you who supported the project, if you bought in on any reward tier that entitles you to Faerie Blood, you should be getting access to a big ol’ pile of digital versions of the cover art real soon now. Dara’s spinning off a huge assortment of resolutions, to cover not only computers but a variety of mobile devices as well!

Meanwhile, now that we have the confirmed final list of backers, we’re getting all the names into the new edition of Faerie Blood so that Dara can finish up the layout of the print and PDF versions, and I can put together the epub and mobi and any other versions we’re going to spin off.

I will also soon be working on deploying “The Blood of the Land” in digital form to all backers entitled to that, too.

A huge chunk of today went as well to organizing all my backer data and breaking it down by rewards, so that I have a clear list of who all gets what–and specifically, how many print copies I’ll need of both books, how many postcards, and how many posters. I am pleased to report that my original project estimate of about 50 print copies is about right, with some wiggle room for a few extra copies left over. Which will serve as my very first copies I’ll be able to make available to folks who didn’t get in on the Kickstarter in time!

And, I was pleased to be able to send off the first payment for art delivered to Kiri Moth. SO EXCITING. 😀 Huge, HUGE thanks go out to all of you out there who’ve made it possible for me to get Kiri to do such gorgeous work!

No actual writing done today–but then, all of this project work needed doing as well, so I consider it a productive day indeed! Tomorrow there will be some Folklife, but there will also be working on Bone Walker!

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