Bone Walker, Faerie Blood

Kickstarter update: $4K achieved so here’s sample chapters!

As I sent out in my last Kickstarter update, I’m thrilled to announce that we have now achieved $4,000 and FULL FUNDING!

Accordingly, as promised, here are the next sample chapters of Faerie Blood and Bone Walker!

Faerie Blood Chapter 4

Bone Walker Chapter 4

Since the project is now fully funded, these will be the last of the sample chapters I’ll post! But we do still have eleven days to go, so there are still teasers I’ll be able to share with you–and on Monday, Dara and I will have a music announcement to share for those of you interested in the soundtrack!

Several of you have sent kind congratulations over Twitter or Facebook or in email, and thank you all very much for that! Thank you also for your support and your boosting of the signal!

And remember, if you still want in, there’s still time! There’s always room for more in this kitchen party, up until May 16th! Grab a chair, raise a jar, and join us! Only $358.77 to go until Dara and I can deliver the soundtrack to all backers at $25 or above!

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