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Kickstarter update: Fifty percent has been reached!

Big news for the morning! We have achieved the fifty percent mark, and are now standing at 52 backers and $2,055 pledged! Huge, huge thanks and congratulations to backer Glenn who kicked us over the line, and on whose behalf a free PDF copy of the original edition of Faerie Blood will be given to Lexi! Many thanks as well to backer Shanti for assisting in Glenn’s pledge!

Which brings me to the next topic of this update post! On the project’s main page, I’ve added in a few FAQ’s that have come my way, including how to support if you don’t want to pay through Amazon (short form: “consider getting a friend or family member with an Amazon account to pledge on your behalf”), when you will actually be charged money (short form: “if and only if the project is fully funded by its deadline of May 16th”), and when the best time to support would be (short form: “sooner is better than later!”) Click over to the project for the full list of FAQ’s and my answers, and if you have further questions that I haven’t covered, please feel free to drop comments on this post or use Kickstarter’s provided link on the project page to send a question in.

And now then, let’s talk milestone incentives! Since rolling over the 2K mark and hitting 50 supporters worked so beautifully, I am prepared to offer further incentives to encourage you all to keep those pledges coming. First of all, as previously promised for the 2K milestone, it is time to give you Chapter 2 of both Faerie Blood and Bone Walker! Behold PDF links!

Faerie Blood Chapter 2

Bone Walker Chapter 2

Where do we go next from here? Glad you asked!

I will offer continued free ebook copies of the original Drollerie edition of Faerie Blood, and the next one will be handed out to backer #75!

At the $2,500 mark, I will automatically update the backer who pushes me over that line to the next highest reward tier!

At the $3,000 mark, I will post Chapter 3 of both books!

At the $3,500 mark, the backer who gets me there will also get one of the two limited edition print copies of the Drollerie edition of Faerie Blood, along with all other selected rewards!

We are halfway there, people, and the project’s first week isn’t even over yet. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your support! And remember, signalboosting has been scientifically proven to make you automatically 15 percent more awesome, so keep sharing the project link! Let’s see where we can get in week two!

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