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As a general FYI, I thought I’d post about who all I’m willing to write reviews for. As y’all know I do try to write reviews for everything I read, even though I am often (like now) seriously behind on doing so; that lag time would be why I don’t try to run a formal review site. 😉

But, since I do try to write reviews for everything, I’ve been asked if I’ll review self-pubbed books. I have no particular bias against self-pubbed books and have in fact reviewed one before: userinfolyonesse and her excellent werewolf novel was one such I’ve done before. I don’t tend to do self-pubbed books mostly because I have so many traditionally pubbed books on my radar that I have no wherewithal to spare to go out and find the good self-pubbed books. So if I’m to hear about them, usually it’ll be via people I already know who are publishing themselves.

Assuming that I do hear about a self-pubbed book, whether I will actually read it will depend on a) whether I have some familiarity with the author’s prose, and b) if it’s in a genre I’m likely to enjoy. So if you’re reasonably able to put your words in coherent order and you write in any of the genres I like, I’m willing to read you. And if I read you, I will review you. Especially if you’re willing to fling me a review copy. I’ll never say no to a free book.

(This goes, by the way, for people published through small presses as well as people who self-pub.)

If you’re on Goodreads, I’ll post a review there. And I’ll try to cross-post the review to anywhere your book is being sold if you point me at appropriate links!

Please do be advised though that at this time I’m seriously behind on my posted reviews for the year–I just put up #14 and I’ve already read well over 70 books so far this year. I’m trying to get caught up. And there are at least a few reviews I’ve promised to people that I need to specifically do as well!

Any questions, feel free to drop a comment!

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