Quite a few book purchases make a post

Oh hey look, posting about something that isn’t Quebec music! It’s my OTHER fandom! Books!

I’ve managed to get hit with a big swath of library checkouts all at the same time, an unexpectedly fun side effect of shunting so many titles on my To Read list over onto the list of things to be checked out from the library first. This does, however, mean I’ve been a bit swamped trying to keep track of them and make sure I can get them read or otherwise dealt with before their due dates! So I’ve decided to chug through my current library books and if I’m engaged enough in the first 100 pages or so, go ahead and commit to buying that title and then jump over to the next one.

Here’s my current list!

  • The Dark Wife, by Sarah Diemer. Picked up because it’s a lesbian retelling of the Persephone and Hades story, and as y’all know, I’m a big ol’ sucker for that story. Had previously been aware of this thanks to the Outer Alliance, and was reminded again of it by userinfomarzipan_pig.
  • Pirate King, by Laurie R. King. The latest in the Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes series, which promises to be silly fun.
  • “To Read or Not to Read”, by Vincent Hobbes. Freebie short story. Picked this up as it was recommended to me on Goodreads, and also, free things are awesome!
  • “Beekeeping for Beginners”, by Laurie R. King. This is a short story of hers, the tale of how Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell met–which was covered from Mary’s POV way back in Book 1, but here, it’s Holmes’ POV. I figured this would be worth 99 cents!
  • The Spirit Lens, by Carol Berg. Fantasy, the first of the Collegia Magica series, recommended to me by userinfokisanthe! Initially I checked this out from the library, but got a good way in and decided, yes, I like this very much and want to own it. Will be finishing it up ASAP. High marks for a vaguely French-flavored fantasy setting, as well as very colorful characters and a hapless protagonist who’s a failed mage.
  • Heat Rises, by Richard Castle! Bought for reasons which ought to be obvious. Third of the Nikki Heat series!
  • Zazen, by Vanessa Veselka. This is another Goodreads recommendation, and another initial library checkout. Of this list, it’s the most unusual thing by far to show up in my reading material for a while and I’m quite enjoying it. It’s hard enough to describe that I can only point you to the Goodreads page for it, and the blurb there. The writing is vivid enough and the characters compelling enough that no matter how it ends, I’ve decided I want to own it. More on this to come.

And that kicks me up to 201 for the year. I’ll be grabbing Cherie Priest’s new release next week–AND a new one called The Hum and the Shiver which looks interesting as well. More on these to come too.

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