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Off to Norwescon this evening, find me there

Not doing anything in any sort of official “writer” capacity–but I’ll be showing up at various panels out of basic interest, and hope to see any of y’all who might be reading this there. 🙂 Look for me in particular at any panels where the redoubtable userinfokatatomic and userinfojimbutcher are involved!

I’ll also have the last six Faerie Blood CDs with me, so if anybody who’ll be at the con wants one, bug me about that! And I’ll leave a lot of my business cards on the freebie table as well.

Please also do bug me if you want to meet up for a meal or a snack or something. Those of you who I know locally anyway probably already have my cell number for texting purposes. But if you don’t and you want it, shoot me an email with how I can reach you, and we’ll meet up! (Gmail is my preferred email address, annathepiper as always.) I’m busy early Thursday evening, when I’ll be having dinner with userinfokarenjunker. Then I’ll be playing backup guitar for my beloved userinfosolarbird later that same evening! But other than that my options are fairly open.

See you all there, I hope!

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