All books, all the time

In print:

  • Huntress, by Malinda Lo. YA/Fantasy. Already picked up electronically; this is the print copy! Because woo for supporting queer YA novels.


  • Nightkeepers and Blood Spells, by Jessica Andersen. Paranormal romance. Books 1 and 5 of the Final Prophecy series. I’d actually already bought Nightkeepers before, but B&N had refunded it to me by accident, so I’m re-buying it to have it properly in my library again.
  • Consider Phlebas, by Iain M. Banks. SF. Grabbed it because it’s currently available for .99 on the B&N site, and because Banks has been recommended to me.

76 for the year, now.

Currently reading Side Jobs by userinfojimbutcher, since I saw that worthy gentleman tweeting that he’s finally finished Ghost Story–which reminded me that OH HEY I HAVE UNREAD JIM BUTCHER. And given that he’s showing up for Norwescon and stuff, I felt compelled to do something about that. 😀

Queued up right after that is going to be a library checkout of The Last Hot Time by John M. Ford, since Jo Walton keeps writing reviews for interesting-sounding books that are damned hard to find and buy. So library checkout it is!

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