Ebooks and Ereaders

What kind of e-reader should you get? Posts to come!

As y’all know, I’m an e-author as well as a voracious reader of ebooks. So I get asked about this semi-regularly, and just this afternoon userinfokeethrax was the latest person to ask me about recommendations for e-readers.

So I thought I’d do me a series of posts about ebooks and e-reading devices. I don’t have firsthand experience with all of them, so I’m going to focus on what e-reading experience I’ve had, and try to give as clear a picture as I can to folks. I’ll break it down roughly into the following topics:

  1. Ebook formats, who sells what format, and what devices can handle which formats
  2. Ebook pricing, whose prices are better, and how the agency pricing model has affected who sells what titles
  3. Touchscreen vs. e-ink and which is better to read when
  4. Do you want a dedicated e-reading device, or a device with many other functions as well?
  5. Can you read ebooks on your computer? How?
  6. How to check out ebooks from the library
  7. Some technical differences between devices, or, how much of a pain in the neck is it to get your books onto the thing you want to read them on?
  8. Pointers off to reviews of various devices

That should get me started and give me plenty to post about, but if anyone has any specific requests or questions they’d like to see me address, please drop a comment! I’ll be linking off to the various excellent reviews of various devices that the fine ladies at Smart Bitches Trashy Books have done, too. However, y’all please feel free to link me up with any reviews that have influenced you in favor of specific devices as well.

Ready? Next post to come: ebook formats!

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