The latest book roundup

Because I’ve picked up quite a few more books, like, y’know, I do.

Picked up in print:

  • Idlewild, by Nick Sagan, which I got when Third Place was having a used books sale last weekend. SF.
  • Ammonite, by Nicola Griffith. I follow her via the Outer Alliance, and was pleased to discover that she’s got some queer SF and thrillers; queer SF starring women is pretty thin on the ground, and I’m looking forward to reading her work.

And, picked up electronically:

  • The rest of Jessica Andersen’s current series: Dawnkeepers, Skykeepers, and Demonkeepers. Buying Dawnkeepers for the first time although I’ve already read it in ARC form; the other two are new to my collection and I need to get caught up! Paranormal romance.
  • Cyberabad Days by Ian McDonald. SF. Was pleased to see his work finally showing up in electronic form on the B&N store, since most of his current stuff is available only in trade size and it’ll be easier to read on the go electronically.
  • The Manual of Detection, by Jedediah Berry. I’m honestly not sure what genre this is supposed to be, but I’m thinking general fiction?
  • Blood, Smoke and Mirrors by Robyn Bachar. Picked up because the ladies at Smart Bitches Trashy Books positively reviewed it. Paranormal romance.

Last but not least, bought in both print AND electronic:

  • Pure Blood, by userinfoblackaire (Caitlin Kittredge). This is book 2 of her Nocturne City series, the next one I need to read–and I actually wound up buying it in both forms because I’d been bitching about it not being available for the Nook on the B&N forums, but had not gotten any movement on that for a while. So I caved and finally re-bought it in print. But then one of the forums admins finally notified me that they’d posted it at last with the rest of Kittredge’s work and he was very prompt about it, so I felt like I had to really buy it electronically on principle!

Which brings me all the way up to 180 books acquired for the year so far. Meanwhile I’m working on the last of my userinfojimhines marathon since Red Hood’s Revenge is about to come out and I want that too–but I’m eying both userinfodesperance AND userinfomizkit for my next marathons. I am open to argument as to who ought to go next. 😉

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