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Starting the new year off right

I have been buying a BOATLOAD of ebooks lately, so I decided today that since the redoutable Third Place Books is having a sale (20 percent off EVERYTHING), I should go show the print books some love. And here’s what I walked out of the store with!

  • Heart of Veridon, by Tim Akers; fantasy
  • Acacia, by David Anthony Durham; fantasy
  • The First, Third, Fourth, and Sixth Books of Outremer, by none other than (somewhere I’ll have to find books Two and Five); fantasy
  • An Autumn War, by Daniel Abraham; fantasy
  • Dragon in Chains, by Daniel Fox; fantasy (which should also please !)

So fear not, print-side authors, I’ll still love you too even if I get a lot of ebooks these days!

Books thus far purchased in 2010: 8

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