Bone Walker

Chapter 6 stands complete!

In a bigger than normal burst of words tonight, I’ve actually finished up Chapter 6 of Bone Walker. Mostly, this features Kendis having a quiet but significant realization about the state of things between her and Christopher, one that has hit her at a less than opportune time–like these things tend to do. Which is about all I’ll say about that, because hey, spoilers!

I did actually have to do a bit of followup Googling on the whole cell phone issue, though. Wound up needing to toss off a throwaway line about Kendis taking a picture of something with her phone, and caught myself thinking ‘guh okay, can she do that with a phone in 2003?’ Survey (and consulting of ) says yes. This is what I get for the book being time-shifted back six years, and also for me never getting a phone of my own until 2006!

Anyway, chapter’s done. We’ll see if I can start Chapter 7 some time tomorrow! And since tomorrow’s also Longest Night, this should mean amusing things for my potential word count. But I also have to write a post for the Drollerie Blog Tour this month, so we’ll see!

Written last night: 238
Written tonight: 695
Chapter 6 total: 2,774
Bone Walker total (first draft): 16,734

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