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And now, December Ebookapalooza!

Fictionwise, as I’ve posted before, has pretty much got me right where they want me. Especially right now with their mighty end of year sale, wherein everything is pretty much 40-60 percent off. Plus, since I’m a member of the Buywise club, they have a thing going where I can get an extra 10 percent rebate for orders between $50 and $100. So I just dropped fifty bucks on the credit card tonight to stack up on the rebate goodness.

And here’s the thing: Fictionwise books you spend rebate dollars on themselves generate more rebate dollars. So I just went through five, count ’em, five rounds of book buying before I finally exhausted my rebate amount. The list of books that resulted is mighty indeed. Here they all are in their glory!

Round 1:

  • The entire Queen of the Orcs trilogy by Morgan Howell: King’s Property (which I’d acquired as a free ebook before but which I deemed worthy of paying for, so I wanted to buy the whole trilogy), Clan Daughter, and Royal Destiny. Fantasy.
  • A Woman Worth Ten Coppers, also by Morgan Howell, same universe as the previous. Fantasy.
  • The Four Forges, by Jenna Rhodes. Re-buy of a book previously purchased in print. Fantasy.
  • Nightlife, by Rob Thurman. Re-buy. Urban fantasy.
  • Games of Command, by Linnea Sinclair. Science fiction romance.
  • An Accidental Goddess, by Linnea Sinclair. Science fiction romance.

Round 2:

  • Hope’s Folly, by Linnea Sinclair. Science fiction romance.
  • Shades of Dark, by Linnea Sinclair. Science fiction romance.
  • Gabriel’s Ghosts, by Linnea Sinclair. Science fiction romance. (Why yes, this is me buying the rest of the Linnea Sinclairs I didn’t own yet!)
  • A Poisoned Season, by Tasha Alexander. Mystery.
  • Night of the Wolf, by Alice Borchardt. Re-buy of a book previously owned in print. Fantasy.

Round 3:

  • The Better Part of Darkness, by Kelly Gay. Urban fantasy. Because although the blurb that talks up how the lead character is the “epitome of the modern kick-butt heroine” really kind of puts me off because I’m bored with that being emphasized as the defining trait of a heroine, I’ve heard quite a few good things about this one.
  • Eva, by Peter Dickinson. SF/YA. Was reviewed positively on so I wanted to check it out.
  • Moonshine, by Rob Thurman. Urban fantasy.

Round 4:

  • The Meeting of the Waters, by Caiseal Mor. Re-buy of a previously owned print book. Fantasy.

Round 5:

  • The Secret History of Moscow, by Ekaterina Sedia. Fantasy.
  • Cloud & Ashes: Three Winter’s Tales, by Greer Gilman. Fantasy.

WHEW. That’s eight in Round 1, five in Round 2, three in 3, 1 in 4, and two in 5, for a grand total of 19 books purchased for just over fifty dollars. Not bad if I do say so myself.

And this brings my 2009 book purchase tally up to 192! Any bets on whether I’m going to hit 200 by the end of the year? 😉

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