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Yet another book roundup post!

Yes, folks, it’s time for another book roundup! Titles recently purchased by me include:

Print books: Lilith’s Brood, by Octavia Butler. SF. Because I had me a 20 percent off coupon from B&N, and I have a sad relative lack of Butler in my library, and this is a nice big volume of three of her novels.

E-books (a whole mess of ’em, a good number of which were because Fictionwise did an indie publisher sale and I wanted a bunch of Juno’s harder to find books):

  • Written on Your Skin, by Meredith Duran. Romance. Because of a post by over here that referenced this book, and which made me LOL.
  • Black Hills, by Nora Roberts. Romance. Because apparently I just don’t own enough of this woman’s books yet.
  • Soulless, by Gail Carriger. Fantasy. Because I’ve heard all sorts of good things about this one.
  • Nights of Sin and Blood Magic by Matthew Cook. Fantasy.
  • A Mortal Glamour, by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. Fantasy/Horror.
  • Beyond the Hedge, by Roby James. Fantasy.
  • Wind Follower, by Carole McDonnell. Fantasy.
  • Riversend, by Sylvia Kelso. Fantasy.
  • Jade Tiger, by Jenn Reese. Fantasy. (This one’s actually a re-buy of a print book copy I sold to Third Place. Liked it well enough that I wanted to keep an e-copy around.)
  • New Tricks, by John Levitt. Urban fantasy. (Another re-buy of a print book in e-form.)
  • Gordath Wood, by Patrice Sarath. Fantasy. (Another re-buy in e-form.)
  • The Drowning City, by Amanda Downum. Fantasy. Because I’ve heard good things about this one too.
  • Apricot Brandy, by Lynn Cesar. Fantasy.
  • House of Whispers, by Margaret Lucke. Fantasy.
  • Wraith, by Phaedra Weldon. Urban fantasy. Re-buy in e-form.
  • Spectre, by Phaedra Weldon. Urban fantasy. Re-buy, not read yet, trading off for e-copy.
  • Once a Wolf, by Susan Krinard. Romance, but a historical paranormal involving werewolves. Saw it linked in off the Fictionwise homepage and thought it sounded fun. 😉
  • Shadow’s End and Grass by Sheri S. Tepper. SF. Mostly because I wanted to check her out, and Grass got recommended to me ages ago.

This brings me up to a grand total of 159 books purchased this year. I hope I just paid a few more publishing industry employees’ salaries!

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