Bone Walker

Nanowrimo Day 1: Some extra words to spare

Ladies and gents, my Nanowrimo effort is now officially underway, with a grand total of 1,876 words clocked in on Chapter 1 of Bone Walker. This is a couple hundred over the necessary daily quota, but that’s fine–I wanted a bit of buffer just to account for the couple dozen words always taken up by contact data at the beginning of a manuscript, and then the couple hundred I’d already tried to write to get this chapter underway.

And yeah, technically, I know you’re not supposed to start a true Nanowrimo effort before November 1st. I figure roughly 200 words could be safely ignored–and I dropped about half of those words anyway because I decided I didn’t like the paragraph.

Anyway, Bone Walker is out of the starting gate, you guys. For the interested, this book will be set roughly two months in time after Faerie Blood. And I’m already close to the end of Chapter 1, which feels like it’s going to run short as my chapters tend to go. But that’s okay. Because this means I’m also very close to the return of Elessir. Muah!

No word meter, because the lovely and talented Zokutou Word Meter appears to have vanished off the face of the Net. But I daresay I can soldier on without it.

Written tonight: 1,876
Chapter 1 total: 1,876
Bone Walker total (first draft): 1,876

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