Faerie Blood

Still climbing at Fictionwise! Up to #5!

As of last night I’d jumped up to #6 on Fictionwise’s Fantasy list–but as of tonight? #5, baby! Now I’m in the box at the top of the page!

I am desperately, desperately curious about how many copies this means I’ve actually sold. I mean, let’s be realistic here–I’m an SF/F author and I’m selling in ebook form to boot, so my expectations here are not high. I’ll be stunned and pleased if overall I sell enough copies of this book to get that loverly, loverly Cargo guitar I’m swooning for (which, by the rough math, would require me to sell about 500 copies). For all I know, this ranking on Fictionwise’s list may mean I’ve sold 20 copies in the last twenty days and everybody below me is spread out all the way down to zip. *^_^*;;

I won’t know for sure probably until I get the pertinent royalty statement. Which may not be the first one; I don’t know what span of time that will cover. It may be royalty statement #2!

Till then, though, I’ll indulge myself with the egoboo. And again, anybody out there reading this who’s actually bought the book off of Fictionwise, thank you very much!

Climbing Fast

Climbing Fast

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