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So yesterday I was poking around on Wikipedia, wanting to look up some stuff about Roanoke Island for the story I’m writing–only I discovered that due to the history of the island during the Civil War, there was no real feasible way that my story could take place as I envisioned it on that island. The Confederacy took it over pretty much right after the war broke out, only to be thrown off it by the Union in 1862. So there would have been way too much activity going on there for the story I planned to work.

It did interest me though to learn that thousands of escaping or freed slaves wound up there in a freedsmen’s colony by 1863. Which surely has all sorts of other interesting story potential, just not for the story I’m working on.

I have therefore shifted the action from North Carolina over into Kentucky. I don’t know how much of this will actually come out in the story, given that I’m trying to keep this as short as possible, but I’m now envisioning my heroine and her beloved escaping from a small Kentucky plantation and heading north along the Kentucky River, aiming for the Ohio on their way to Canada. My Warder boy, Elias Sutherland, will now be a secret abolitionist as well as a Warder, and he’ll have been the owner of the first “station” that Dorcas and Caleb were told to shoot for on their escape–the barn where they could find provisions. Only slavehunters will have found Elias out, since he’s suspicious anyway as someone who never ever leaves his land. And the main action of the story will take place on an island on the very edge of Elias’ power range, which is where his wife will have died as well.

Spent most of yesterday trying to work this through, and then started working on changing what I’ve written so far to account for it. Not too much work required here, though I’ve taken the opportunity to edit down some of the verbiage as I go. Today will be finishing that up and hopefully moving the story farther along.

Edited yesterday: -154
The Blood of the Land total: 3,244

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