Short Pieces

Two days in a row!

It was a little bit less like pulling teeth today, getting the words out of my brain.

I’m learning all over again the same lesson I learned writing “The Disenchanting of Princess Cerridwen”, though, which is to say: writing short is hard. I keep having to rein myself in every time I catch myself thinking “but but but I should explain–” No, I tell myself, I shouldn’t. Not when I want to keep this word count down as much as possible. has given me a wide range of word count to play with, but I still want to come in closer to 5K than 25K if at all possible. Just to see if I can.

I’m already thinking I may not be able to, though. I’ve got this story more or less planned out, and if I write it according to my notes, it’ll come out longish anyway.

But first I have to write it. Two days in a row at 500+ words though does not suck.

Written today: 530
The Blood of the Land total: 1,460

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