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Book Log #38: Deader Still, by Anton Strout

The second Simon Canderous book, Deader Still, picks up fairly soon after the first installment left off–and this time around, on top of dealing with the challenges of what may be his first long-term steady relationship and suddenly outranking his own mentor, Simon’s got to deal with what may well be a vampire outbreak, a psychotic ex coming back to ask him to commit one last crime, and a hapless archivist who is a lot more effective out in the field than he thinks he is (and who under pain of death cannot be told exactly what he has going on!).

So yeah, there’s a lot of lighthearted fun here. The story didn’t quite click as well with me as with Book 1, mostly because the relationship drama between Simon and Jane wasn’t my cup of tea. But to balance that out, I really like the whole plot arc with Godfrey the archivist, and I’m looking forward to seeing what might happen with him later. Plus, there’s interesting developments in the partner relationship between Simon and Connor, and of course, a lead-in to the next adventure at the very end.

For this one, three stars.

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