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Hopefully, a kick in the pants

I have joined my very first official writing group, consisting of myself, Alex Piper, Jemma Prophet, userinfojennygriffee, and the redoubtable Vonda McIntyre. We are calling ourselves Imaginary Ink, and we just had our first official critique meeting last night, discussing Jemma’s and Jenny’s works in progress.

I’m feeling excited about this, since I really need a kick in the pants to get myself back on track. Lament of the Dove has GOT to be finished. And I need to get going on doing proper edits on Queen of Souls, so that I can start shopping that thing around.

So in fact, I shall be flinging QoS at the group for critique for our next meeting, and shall be working in the meantime to get Lament‘s edits done before then so that they can sanity check it for me before I fling it back to Carina. With that in mind, I shall be holing up for a good chunk of this forthcoming three-day weekend, doing battle with as many chapters as I can finish. I won’t be paying attention to Twitter or Facebook, but I will keep an eye on email. Anybody have a reason to ping me, just fling me a note!

And wish us all luck, folks. We’ve got some awesome works between us and we’re looking forward to sharing them with the world.