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Bone Walker


In honor of my first official Actual Writer’s Deadline, I’m cheerfully swiping that battle cry from userinfomizkit and userinforachelcaine, muaha!

Time to get down to Serious Business, people. I have to hand over Bone Walker to JoSelle on April 15th. Which means I have to write like a Crazy Writing Thing until then, because I’m still only about 32K in on this book. It is therefore now Crunch Mode time on the novel.

Which means also that I’m backing off hard on social networks until further notice. This means keeping tabs on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, LJ Friends list posts, or Dreamwidth reading list posts is just going to have to wait. If you need to get in touch with me, DM me on the network of your choice, or else just email me directly, since I will be monitoring my email.

But until you hear from me otherwise, people, I’m going to chugging through the rest of Bone Walker, as well as continuing to work with userinfosolarbird and artist Kiri in preparing Faerie Blood for printing, and in doing the last steps to submit the Kickstarter for review. I will continue to post updates as they happen, though, so watch this space for further details.

And oh yes, I did just drop 635 words on Chapter 11 of Bone Walker tonight. I mention this not because of that number, but because of what happened in the words in question: i.e., I just hit Kendis’ first occurrence of telling Christopher she loves him. I was not expecting it at this point in the story, but it felt appropriate, so there ya go!

More bulletins as events warrant!