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Site Updates

Important update: becoming my primary site

Hey all, just so everyone knows, due to the ongoing web server instability on my home network, keeping as my primary author website has become problematic. So I’m going to convert to be my new primary author site.

If you’re following posts directly via RSS, I invite you to follow instead as I’m going to start putting the bulk of my activity there. You should be able to use instead.

If you actually have a account of your own, you can subscribe via their mechanism for that, too. has a help page about how to do that here.

Those of you who read me via my crossposts to Dreamwidth, I’ll need to see if I can set up something to crosspost from the .info site. I don’t know if I can yet, and unless I upgrade from my current premium plan to a business one, won’t let me install plugins there. So I’ll need to look at other options. For the time being, anything I need to post out to Dreamwidth will probably come in off

Most if not all of the primary content from the .com site is going to get copied over to the .info site over the next few days. And by primary content, that means, the actual book-related static pages.

Content here that isn’t directly related to my books (e.g., Quebec music stuff) will probably get copied back to Posts and comments I will probably also copy back over there.

Eventually, I will probably have this site go dark. But I need to do all the content transfer first! And I’ll also be setting up redirects for the major site pages so that people who hit them (at least assuming that our web server is actually friggin’ UP) can go safely over to the .info site.

Any questions, y’all, let me know!

Site Updates

Housekeeping-type site updates

As a general note of interest, I’ve updated a few things on the site today.

First, I’ve added several bits to the FAQ, to update the references to Vengeance of the Hunter, to add references to Victory of the Hawk, and to clarify what genres I write in and what other authors are useful to compare me to. Also, for giggles, I’ve added in a bit about this whole Quebecois trad thing I can’t shut up about, the Trilingual Hobbit Reread, and what other things you can expect me to start posting about once the Rebels of Adalonia trilogy is done.

Secondly, I’ve activated pages for both Victory of the Hawk and Bone Walker. Both are pretty bare-bones at this point, but they ARE the official sources of data for both of these books. Watch them for further updates. You’ll be able to find both of these books on the site’s Books menu now.

Third, the Rebels of Adalonia page has been updated to include Victory‘s official release date of April 6, 2015.

About Me, Faerie Blood, Site Updates

A few quick site updates and one great big announcement

First and foremost, re: that poll I had up for y’all the other day, I have reached a formal decision. For reasons I still can’t tell you about yet (but which I will be doing ASAP), y’all should look for the name of Angela Highland to be coming into play on this site in the near future, probably later this summer. I’ve already bought the domain name, which as of right now redirects on my servers to, so nobody has to worry yet about changing any bookmarks. Stand by for further news on this as I can give it.

Meanwhile, given that Faerie Blood has gone out in ebook form to Kickstarter backers and the print copies are Very Very Nigh, I have taken the liberty of updating Faerie Blood’s official page with updated information about it. The beautiful new cover is there, as well as links to the four sample chapters I provided to Kickstarter backers. I’ve refreshed the data about my offer to hand-sell ebook copies to people until I can deploy for general release. And I’ve put in a bit about what to expect for how to get the print copies as well. This page will be updated again as soon as the book becomes generally available, so keep an eye on that link as well as my update posts!

On a related note, I’ve also updated the sidebar to properly reflect the Very Very Nigh-ness of the release of the Second Edition, and also just because I wanted to give the new cover some prominence on the front page of the site!

Lastly, I updated my In Progress page with a couple of tweaks to the information on Lament of the Dove, as well as adding Mirror’s Gate since it wasn’t in there before.

And now, I CAN share with you the first of the Things I Haven’t Been Able to Tell You About Yet because important pieces of paper have been signed. Here we go, drumroll if you please:

I have an agent! I have accepted literary representation from Miriam Kriss at the Irene Goodman Literary Agency, who will be working with me on the Other Thing I Can’t Tell You About Yet but will be ASAP! Miriam came to me highly recommended, and I was very, very fortunate to get a chance to query her. Y’all may take it as read that I am MASSIVELY EXCITED, to levels I normally reserve for imminent Great Big Sea and Le Vent du Nord concerts!

Watch this space for more revelations as I can share them, in between updates about deploying all the Kickstarter goodies! This, O Internets, is shaping up to be one HELL of a summer!