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Advice on Self-Publishing

Advice on self-publishing, Part 6: Review of sites that format and sell your ebooks

Okay, so here’s part 6 of my Advice on Self-Publishing series.

Previous posts in this series: Part 1: Write the book | Part 2: Beta reading and editing | Part 3: Turning your manuscript into an ebook | Part 4: Cover art | Part 5: Deploying the book for sale

This post, since it’s waking up the series after a long hiatus, will be reviewing my experiences with the various services available for formatting and/or selling your ebook for you.

When I originally started these posts, I was deploying Faerie Blood out for sale on Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Smashwords, Kobo, and Google Play. I am still working with this set of sites, but it’s important to note that I have chosen to condense how I work with them. I’m now using Smashwords to deploy in turn out to B&N and iBooks. More on this below.

This post is long, so I’m putting it behind a fold!

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