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Robin Hood plan for Friday the 14th

userinfojennygriffee has convinced me that the Meridian downtown will be the best possible place for her to view a movie, so I am hereby aiming for a plan involving seeing Robin Hood at the Meridian on Friday at 7pm! Local folks, if you’d like in, please feel free to join us! Chances are high that userinfospazzkat, userinfosolarbird, and I will be eating dinner beforehand somewhere immediately close by.

Anybody who wants in, please either drop a comment or just email me so I know who all to fling plan mail with more specific details to!

And now I will spend the rest of the week trying very hard not to imagine Russell Crowe bellowing “YOIKS AND AWAY”. Hee hee hee…


Six days till Sherwood Forest!

Much to my amusement, userinfospazzkat found Errol Flynn’s Robin Hood movie while channelsurfing tonight, which of course leads me to further squealing over the Russell Crowe one I shall be going to ogle in six scant days!

I am, of course, going next weekend. Folks local to Seattle or points immediately nearby are hereby invited to accompany me! Preliminary checking of showtimes thus far reported tells me that it unfortunately won’t be playing at the two best places downtown, Pacific Place and the Cinerama (the latter of which will of course be running Iron Man 2). Nor will the Neptune or the Metro in the U-district be running it, at least on Thursday, but it’s possible they may have shows show up in another couple of days.

Right now I’m eying the Woodinville theater as the place I’m most likely to go. Unless I hear a lot of enthusiasm for a midnight show I’m aiming for either a Friday or a Saturday show. And since Woodinville seems to be the best locale so far, chances are high of sushi in downtown Bothell pairing up with said film.

Who wants in? Any counteroffers on locations and/or dinner preferences? Sing out, y’all! Robin, Marian, and Allan a’Dayle ain’t gonna ogle themselves! 😉