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Valor of the Healer

Will there be a print edition of Valor of the Healer?

Since I’m already getting asked about this, I’d like to issue a general reminder: there will not, at least at first, be a print edition of the forthcoming Valor of the Healer.

This is basically because Carina Press is primarily a digital imprint. Carina does release a small number of titles to retail print, but from what I’m being told, there are several factors that dictate whether a book will be released in print to the retail market–and it’s a decision that Carina makes in conjunction with parent company Harlequin.

Carina is investigating other means of delivering print editions to readers, but details on these are not solidified so there’s not much I can say to this yet. When I have more details I can share, I will definitely let everyone know.

The good news is, though, that Carina is a DRM-free imprint. Anyone in the world can go straight to Carina’s site and buy books right off the site. Or, you’ll be able to find them on the major ebook sales sites as well–Amazon, B&N, Kobo, iTunes, Sony, etc. EPUB will be the major format being delivered (unless of course you’re a Kindle reader, in which case you’ll be getting a Kindle file), but since it’s DRM-free you will be able to convert it in Calibre if you need to!

If you have a vested interest, though, in seeing Valor go to print, here’s what you can do to help: buy the book. Even if you’re not a digital reader yourself, if you can think of people you can gift it to who would like to read it digitally, do that. My sales numbers will be only one of the factors Carina and Harlequin would look at to dictate whether or not to print it, but if the book actively sells, that will help.

Spreading the word will help, too. Some early reviews would be excellent. If you’re a book blogger, I have a shiny production-class PDF I can hand you right now if you’d like to review the book. I’ll have an EPUB on the way as well that I can share with reviewers. If you’re not a reviewer but you know people who are, point me at them, or point them at me, or both!

If you’re not an official book reviewer, you can still help once the book drops by reviewing it on Amazon, on B&N, on Goodreads, and anywhere else that it’s possible to talk about the book. Talk it up on your social networks, on your blogs and journals, wherever it might be at all appropriate.

Getting excited here, people! Faanshi and Julian and Kestar have all been living in my head for years now–especially Faanshi and Julian–and I’m very eager to share this story with you all!