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Boosting the Signal: Heartsick, by Caitlin Sinead

Fellow Carina author Caitlin Sinead has a New Adult book out this week, one that straddles the line between mystery and romance. Heartsick tells a tale of a mysterious affliction spreading through a college town and turning everyone’s eyes purple–and in today’s Boosting the Signal post, we’ve got a character interview with someone who I daresay will be part of the research into this very problem! Though his goals appear to be rather more basic than that, too. Let’s let Zachary tell you all about it!




Allan High School Principal: As a continuing university outreach project, we have another Poe University student here to talk with you. We welcome Zachary Leibowitz, a graduate student in the biology program. Thanks, Zachary, for coming by. What first interested you in a science career?

Zachary: I thought it would get me girls. *grins*

Principal: Ha, and how is that working out for you?

Zachary: The most amazing woman I’ve ever met is dating me, so, I’d say pretty well. Seriously, she’s awesome. She laughs at almost all my jokes and she can build a mini hut out of sugar packets. Kids, let me tell you, some people will try to tell you there are more important things to consider when assessing a potential girlfriend, like trust fund sizes, but it’s all about laughter. And sugar packets.

Principal: I’m glad you’re love life is going well, but—

Zachary: Swimmingly!

Principal: Okay, swimmingly, but let’s get back to your career. What made you want to study viruses?

Zachary: The human body is amazing. It can run on nothing but Tostinos and orange juice for eight straight days. I know this because I’ve tried it. But then these tiny viruses can come in and mess with all that important cellular machinery and completely crash the party. I’ve always found that interaction interesting.

Principal: So, you want to stop viruses?

Zachary: I wouldn’t use the word “stop.” I want to understand them. Sometimes the guy who crashes the party ends up being the life of the party…I know this because it’s often me. Bringing Tostinos doesn’t hurt.

Principal: Have you enjoyed your time at Poe University?

Zachary: Yes. My advisor has supported my whacky ideas and the other students in the program are brilliant and friendly. It’s been great. I’ve also really enjoyed Allan. I know not everyone in Allan thinks Poe students are great, especially after…well… *shifts in seat* but, anyway, I think if we can get past our differences we can accomplish some really amazing things together.

Principal: Thank you for your thoughts on that, and for stopping by today.

Zachary: Of course, thanks for having me. And I’m happy to stay and talk with anyone who’s interested in becoming a scientist. As I said, that’s how to get the girls. *winks*


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