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Lost finale reaction post

Our Tivo failed in its final attempt to stab at us from Hell’s heart, despite its best efforts on Sunday evening; userinfospazzkat purchased what we missed off of iTunes, and we were therefore able to watch the Lost finale last night!

My picoreview: um, wut?

(Needless to say, spoilers behind the fold. DO NOT LOOK if you haven’t seen the finale yet, and if you do intend to watch it.)

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No Lost finale for me

We just found out tonight, while gearing up to watch the Lost retrospective and finale, that our Tivo took a harder hit during the power outage earlier this week than we thought. We got partway into the retrospective, the bit focusing on Hurley, when the screen abruptly froze up and pixelized. Then the Tivo made scary hard drive noises, and the screen filled with this alarming neon green color and white text in large letters saying “A SEVERE ERROR HAS OCCURRED”. I hadn’t known a Tivo could do a Screen of Death. That was pretty impressive, and by impressive I mean “AUGH WHY DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN DURING THE FINALE OF LOST?”

userinfosolarbird had already figured out that the fan had taken some damage from the outage, but what this tells us tonight is that the hard drive is unhappy, too, and that in general the system just seems fucked. After a little bit the system did reset and we got back live TV, so userinfospazzkat tried to kill the recording on the theory that maybe that’d let us get through the finale okay.

No such luck, I fear. We got about five minutes into the actual episode, and then we got the freeze up and pixelize trick again, followed by another reboot.

AUGH. So no Lost finale for us tonight. The Murkworks will have to seek alternate means to watch this episode, probably tomorrow night. Until then I’m going to have to rig for silent running, and I’ll be refraining from looking at LJ/DW/JF posts, my Google Reader feeds, Twitter, or Facebook. Need to yak at me? Email, drop a comment here, DM me on Twitter, or message me on Facebook. (Comfort in the form of Lost-related icons will be most welcome. Especially if they feature Sawyer!)

And for the love of all that’s holy, people, go easy on the rest of the Internet and hide your spoilers. *^_^*;;