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Faerie Blood

Want to see me with Amusing Hair sooner rather than later?

As of this writing, I am a scant eleven sales away from breaking the 300 mark for sales of the current edition of Faerie Blood! And since I have a couple of people asking about this as well as expressing high amused interest in seeing my threatened pictures of what will happen to my hair, I note for official reference that I cheerfully endorse any and all efforts to get my book into the hands of anybody who doesn’t have it already!

I DO have a few more print copies available, as well as CDs that contain both editions of the book (the original Drollerie edition as well as the current shipping version) in a variety of formats, if you’re an ebook reader but want something signed. I will happily send those out to anyone who wants to buy ’em, whether for yourselves or others.

Also, I’ll happily hand-sell extra ebook copies to anybody who wants to give them as gifts to fellow ebook readers.

You don’t even have to deal directly with me either if you want to give the ebook as a gift! The Kindle edition will let you do so directly from Amazon, as will the Nook edition and the version on Smashwords.

So if you want to see me do amusing things to my hair, likely in shades of blue and/or green and/or purple, consider giving Faerie Blood as a gift to somebody today! Kendis, Christopher, Elessir, and the rest of the cast will thank you, and so will I! As always, full details on where to get the book can be found right over here on its official page!

Quebecois Music

And now, to solve an ongoing problem

My belovedest of Daras is at a bit of a loss when it comes to comprehending my rampageous affection for Quebecois traditional music. She doesn’t speak a lick of French, and so I could mention any one of the various bands I’m following, only to have their names just parse to her as “French sounds”. And it didn’t help matters much either when we went up to Harrison Hot Springs this past weekend–because two of the guys in De Temps Antan ARE brothers of guys in Le Vent du Nord, and the sets of brothers in question do look rather alike!

Several of you who read me on a regular basis won’t be having these problem, but in case you’re in the same boat Dara is and find yourself trying to figure out who all these people are I keep enthusiastically babbling about, here. I present for you this handy flowchart for how to tell apart my seven favorite Quebecois traditional bands!

Quebec Band Flowchart

Quebec Band Flowchart

Never let it be said that I am not helpful!