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Super Bowl!

So yeah, I am entirely clueless about football. But Dara and Paul like it, and they do watch the Hawks, so we did indeed watch the Super Bowl today. And we had our friends Kathryn and Erik over, with their kids, to watch with us. While the kids (ages 7 and 3) gave exactly zero damns about the game, they were VERY eager to join in on the Sportsball cheer with us every time the Hawks scored. Which goes like this: “OUR TEAM DID THE POINTS! OUR TEAM DID THE POINTS! OUR TEAM DID THE POINTS! GOOOOOOO SPORTSBALL!”

And taking under consideration that I am indeed football-clueless, I’m pretty sure 43-8 is good. ;D In fact, the reaction of the room at large was “Wait? What? We actually won the Super Bowl? That’s good, right?” And, “wait there’s a trophy ceremony after this thing? We had no idea! How will we know when to turn off the TV? Usually we’ve turned off the TV in disgust by now!”

I hear that the Denver coach has been quoted as saying “we ran into a buzzsaw”. To which I have to go “aww”. I want to give the poor guy a hug. And possibly a beer.

Me, not being an actual football fan, mostly I’m just pleased that the city gets to have this to cheer about for the next several days. I just hope all the actual Hawks fans don’t destroy downtown tonight. I gotta commute through there in the morning!

And on Wednesday there’s going to be a parade to welcome the Hawks home. I suspect a lot of the city’s population will be taking suspiciously long lunches on Wednesday. And I daresay there will be a morale event at work about this!

Anyway: GO SPORTSBALL! For those of you who actually do regularly follow the Hawks, congrats to you all! To those of you who follow the Broncos, commiserations!

We were mostly pleasantly surprised by the commercials. The racism and sexism quotient wasn’t completely down this year, but it was surprisingly low. Favorite commercial amongst those watching was definitely the Radio Shack commercial. And my two personal followups for favorite were the Budweiser commercial with the puppy and the Clydesdales, and the Highlander one with the Muppets, and the British Villains commercial with Tom Hiddleston. Because all things are made better by puppies, Muppets, and Tom Hiddleston.

Honorable grudging mention also has to go to Axe for a surprisingly non-gross commercial about kissing for peace. And to GoDaddy for the commercial about the spray tan salon. Yes, I know, Internets, I’m shocked too!

Honorable actual mention to Coca-cola for the commercial about America being sung in different languages. That was really nice.

Also, here are my favorite bits of reaction from Twitter, as well:

And here is some local coverage: