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Boosting the Signal

Boosting the Signal: First Daughter, by Caitlin Claire Diehl

Caitlin Claire Diehl is a fellow member of the Northwest Independent Writers Association, and it’s through NIWA that I first heard about her novel First Daughter. It’s on my queue to read, and I look forward to getting to know Caitlin and her work better!


First Daughter

First Daughter

You must help me! My mother, the Queen, is ill, bespelled by some sorcery that has left her insensible, removed from the cares of her people, of her only daughter. I am only an apprentice Web Weaver and can do nothing to help her no matter how many nights I pore over the ancient texts. The magic entrapping her is too strong, even for N’era, the only Keeper of the Web left to us, now that my mother is gone.

The need to free her is urgent, not just for me but for our land. Dark Forces stalk our borders and all the Queen Regent, my aunt, wants to do is wave her sword about and look important. I may not be the seer my mother is, but I have glimpsed the Threads that weave the future and I know with all my heart that swords will not defeat our enemy, not this time. Only no one will listen to me, though I am First Daughter to the Queen. My aunt thinks I am too young, too inexperienced to know anything. Sometimes I hate her.

My heart is heavy, grieving for my mother just out of reach, fearful of the danger threatening our land and our people. And I have a secret. Can I tell you? In the dark reaches of the night, in the Great Tapestry that has yet to be woven from the Threads of all our lives, I have glimpsed a golden thread, a young man foreign and strange, that calls to me in a way I have never felt before. Please don’t tell anyone. I have never had time for boys, for what are men but bigger boys?

Without your help, turning the pages of my story, my Threads will never be woven into a Pattern that can save my mother or our people. I will be left here, alone and helpless, poised on the brink of something… some destiny that surges through me and begs to be released in a grand Weaving of such power that nothing ever after will be the same.


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