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Faerie Blood

Stuff on sale! Faerie Blood! Bone Walker Soundtrack! Other NIWA titles!

So a bunch of us in NIWA thought, hey, wouldn’t it be awesome if we banded together and put several of our books on sale for 99 cents? We are doing exactly that.

Me, I’ve put Faerie Blood on sale for 99 cents for the entire month of June in honor of this, and also because I CAN. This price will be valid until the end of the month. As always, all of the official links to buy this book are on the Faerie Blood page!

HOWEVER: several other NIWA-author titles will ALSO be on sale for 99 cents, for a narrower window of time, from the 12th until the 15th! We have a Facebook event describing this and which titles are participating! (If you’re not on Facebook, worry not–this is a publicly readable event so you should still be able to see the book list even if you’re not a Facebook user.) So keep an eye on that link, because more titles are getting added to it over the next several days. Be poised with your wallets to snap up all these nifty deals on the 12th, won’t you?

And in the meantime, Dara’s also jumped in on this tasty sale action. She’s set up a discount download code of “niwa” for anybody who’d like to snag a digital download of the Bone Walker soundtrack for 40 percent off! And as always, the soundtrack can be scarfed directly from Bandcamp.

ALSO! Although this is not actually part of the sale, don’t forget, the short story “The Blood of the Land” is also available for pennies. If you go to Smashwords, you can grab it for any price YOU choose, including free. Everywhere else, it’s 99 cents, and that will be the story’s permanent official price.

Spread the word, everybody!