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Current side project

For those of you who haven’t already seen me posting about this on the social networks, Dara and I have taken over management of the Emerald Forest Filk site and associated mailing list. This is the Pacific-Northwest-specific filk community site and mailing list, previously hosted by our friend JT Traub. JT needed to step down from being admin of the site and list, and since we had the resources to handle it, we took it over from him.

So now we own the Emerald Forest Filk site, which we set up as a WordPress blog, and we’ve recruited a few volunteers who will be periodically posting things of interest to the Pacific Northwest Filk community. Since it’s WordPress, you can subscribe to the RSS of the posts there via your RSS reader of choice.

We’ve also set up a Facebook account and a Twitter account, and anything that goes up on the site will echo out to there, too. So you can follow the site via either of those means as well.

So if you’re interested in filk music, whether in the Pacific Northwest specifically or just in general, come check the site out. And if there are particular things you’d be interested in seeing posted about there, talk to me or Dara!