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Great Big Sea

Is this plan awesome or what?

Today’s Excellent Plan of Excellence:

  • Go to store
  • Get moneys
  • Purchase tasty things
  • Bring them home and load them up in the cooler
  • Go to zoo with userinfospazzkat and userinfosolarbird
  • Rendezvous at the zoo with userinfokathrynt and the children
  • Look at critters for a couple of hours
  • Join the ZooTunes line at 4pm
  • Commence fangirling, general bouncing, and bursting into random bits of song
  • Enter the show area around 5pm
  • Locate swag table and buy swag, on account of I’ve lost 25 pounds and I need me a new Great Big Sea shirt, by gods
  • When B’ys appear on stage, commence serious fangirling

I love this plan! I’m proud to be a part of it!

And now, off to the store to put my plan in motion! ETA: Store accomplished! Soon there will be ZOO!