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The Free Court of Seattle

So about Book 3 of the Free Court of Seattle series…

Serious planning for this book has now COMMENCED. By which I mean Dara and I had an extensive brainstorming session about this last night, with the happy result that now I have a much better idea of what is going to happen in this book. Enough that I have begun to sketch out the overall plot structure, which will then lead me into doing a proper outline.

And THAT will lead me into beginning to be able to write this thing VERY soon.

What can you expect? Without getting spoilery, you can expect that this book will feature all of the following:

  • An attempt on Christopher’s life
  • Inter-Court and intra-Court politics among the Sidhe, including followup on what’s going on with House Kirlath
  • Magic all over the damn place
  • Followup on Christopher’s backstory
  • More pieces falling into place to lead to what gets hinted at in the song “Anarchy Now”
  • Kendis being a geek actually serving a plot-useful purpose
  • Relationship advancement on multiple fronts
  • An on-camera srs bznz kitchen party
  • A plot-relevant on-camera screech-in

And if you know anything about Newfoundland customs, you can guess that last but very much not least, this story is going to feature action in St. John’s, Newfoundland! Which will also let me pull a couple of important members of Christopher’s family on camera: Thomas Hallett, Christopher’s uncle and the current Warder of St. John’s; and Caitlin Hallett, Thomas’s daughter, who’s next in line to Ward the city when her father passes.

This story will also introduce Gabien Desroches, my first Quebecois Warder character. He is a young man of the Quebecois Warder lineage–Les Gardiens, as they are called in Quebec–and he’s in Newfoundland on his turn at the traveling many young Warders do before they commit to a city. Which is how he’ll be meeting Caitlin. Bilingual sparks will be flying, and yes, Caitlin and Gabien will also be taking the lead in a later story of their own.

You guys, this is going to rock. 😀