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Importing some content from, and other housekeeping

To tie in to my earlier post that I’m going to be shifting a lot of my posting over to this blog, I’m going to prep for that by importing certain content from over to here. This is currently going to include, but may not be limited to:

  • Book Roundup posts, the running tallies I keep of how many books I buy
  • Book reviews
  • Anything pertaining to geeking out about the bands I’m following, primarily Great Big Sea and Le Vent du Nord, but also Quebec trad in general
  • Anything pertaining to music I’m actually playing as well, such as practicing for the local Quebec music crowd’s monthly sessions and such
  • My ongoing Tri-lingual Re-read of The Hobbit!
  • Movie and TV reviews

Basically, a lot of the higher-frequency geekery I tend to do is going to move over here in the name of having all my post traffic in one place. I’m importing the content to make it easier for folks to find the older posts if they want to see them. And relatedly, I’ll also be adjusting how comments work on this blog so that I can actually take comments on older posts.

I will NOT be deleting content off of, since both blogs live on my server anyway and I don’t have to delete anything if I don’t want to. And because I’m an information packrat!

Anyway, be advised that this is in the works. Wanted to announce this before I do my next Hobbit re-read post!

Site Updates

Trying an experiment

I’ve been thinking for some time that it’s a little weird that most of my blog posts are on my personal blog,, while remains fairly inactive. Two reasons why this is weird:

  1. If somebody casually visits, they may miss my far more frequent posts on, and therefore miss more of what I’m generally like online, and
  2. The vast majority of writer blogs I’m familiar with don’t differentiate between just writing-related posts and personal ones.

So I’m trying an experiment. I’ve found a plugin that lets me syndicate posts off of one blog into another, so I’ll be using it to try to roll posts from onto

Note: if you are reading me via Livejournal or Dreamwidth, you are already seeing my direct mirrored copies of the posts on both blogs. This new plugin should NOT echo over onto LJ or Dreamwidth, if I understand it correctly. It’s ONLY for people directly reading on

So if you happen to actually be reading directly via RSS, and you’re also reading, you might try dropping the latter to avoid duplication of posts.

Let me know if you see any problems, people. If this works out I’ll leave it be. Otherwise I’m going to consider just merging the blogs, since I’m finding it also just slightly weird to be splitting up my posting efforts anyway.