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And now, today’s episode of Conversations at the Murkworks, online edition

In which I react to the possibility of what might happen if Le Vent du Nord were to actually come to Seattle for a concert, and ideally, to do the same block of workshops, concert, and after party that so splendidly happened here with Genticorum before!

Me: Because JESUS SKIPPING JUMP ROPE CHRIST if she can get them here and do the workshop and then after party thing and if I could wind up with my actual instruments in my actual hands in a room occupied by Olivier goddamn Demers eeeeeee XD ahem. Yes, that would be PLEASANT.

Taliesin chuckles. …. and get invited to sit in… 🙂

Me: Dude I am NOT good enough to actually seriously play along with Olivier. But in a session context, everybody‘s playing, so that’s OKAY. And I will absolutely happily park in any workshop he does for an opportunity to slurp tunes out of his brain. 😀 😀

Taliesin: Zombie Anna? Eat musician brains?

Me: I don’t wanna eat his brain! He needs it! No no I just wanna slurp ALL THE TUNES out of it! And okay yeah fine I could swipe some of Dara’s knowledge transfer equipment but that’s no fun, because then I couldn’t hear him PLAY. 😉

Dara: You’d think ‘copy’ would be easier than ‘move,’ wouldn’t you? And yet.

Me: Yeah working out all the pesky bugs out of the non-destructive copy functionality, that’s the tricky part.

Dara: Also, wildcards don’t work in brainOS like they do in Linux. That discovery was… interesting.

And now I gotta work on that “this isn’t a flute, this is a stringless fiddle with holes” perception filter so I can crash workshops full of fiddlers…