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What I want to do for 2014

I get regularly mistaken for being in my 30’s, and sometimes even younger, but truth be told I’m looking 45 in the face. And as such I’ve got a pretty damned good idea at this point of my nature and what I’m likely to do in any given year–so making resolutions I know I’ll never keep seems a rather silly way to start off a new year.

Now, goals, on the other hand, that I can do. So here’s a roundup of what I hope to accomplish in the forthcoming year.

First and foremost: write Victory of the Hawk. I have a hard deadline for this, and this time, I’m going to damn well hit the thing and not give my poor editor gray hairs. Plus it’ll be supremely satisfying to finish up the Rebels of Adalonia trilogy, which has after all been rattling around in my head since 1998.

Second and just as foremost: release Bone Walker, DAMMIT. Ideally before Vengeance of the Hunter drops.

Third: Finish up everything else owed to Kickstarter backers. This means three shorter novella-length pieces as well as the soundtrack.

Fourth: I know better at this point to say I’ll avoid medical drama. I’ve had too much of it in my life. But what I can do as a goal is to be in charge of the aspects of my health that are in my control, both mental and physical. Which includes doing what I can to stay healthy, and if I drop weight, bonus–but also not to stress out too much if I don’t drop the weight I’d ideally like to drop. Because I think everybody on the Internet knows at this point that the hard part may be losing the weight, but the even harder part is keeping it off.

Fifth: If SOMEBODY IS WRONG ON THE INTERNET (ohnoez!), remind myself that everybody will be better off if I just do not, repeat, DO NOT engage. Nobody needs that.

Sixth: Play music! And stuff as many Quebecois tunes into my head as possible. And go play them at session!

Seventh: Keep working on my French and start making a dent in the small collection of French-language novels I have acquired. Especially the Quebec SF/F ones.

Eighth: Help my fellow Carina authors spread the word about their books.

Ninth: Cuddle my spouse, pet the cats, and in general, try to maintain a good outlook on life.

Yeah, I think that’ll do nicely. So yeah. Hey there, 2014, bonjour! Comment ça va? C’mon over here and have a cup of tea with me and let’s talk about getting these things done.