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And we are DONE!

The Kickstarter has concluded, with a grand final tally of $5,010.23 raised by 137 backers, and 125% of the funding goal! I got a lovely little flurry of backers in at the last minute, and backer Andrew in Fort St. John in Canada snuck in in the very final seconds–mad props to Andrew for that timing!

Many, many thanks to all who’ve supported the project, and I’m looking very forward to getting the stories and the soundtrack out to backers! I commend everyone’s attention to Update #31 on the project page, wherein I give a rough schedule of when everything is targeted to go out!

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! And again, mad, mad thanks, love, and hugs to all y’all out there who’ve chimed in with your support and your signal boosts! Each and every one of you are made entirely of awesome! 😀


Kickstarter update: Thirty-four percent!

I woke up this morning to discover that we’d cracked the $1500 mark! 32 supporters now, and 34 percent funding! This is an excellent place to be within the first two days of the project!

I’d like to give specific mad props to the folks who have claimed higher-tier rewards, because you all are going to have first crack at the extra novella I will be making available for patrons of this project!

Here, have a sample! For those of you who’ve been following my blog already, this is the first scene from the as of yet untitled novella about the psychic Elizabeth Breckenridge, who’s recruited by Ross Taggart to help him find out what murdered his Warder sister in Providence, Rhode Island.

Untitled Work in Progress

As with my last sample post, this link will click over to a PDF. This is publicly readable, too, in the hopes that if you’re not supporting the Kickstarter yet, you’ll consider chipping in–and if you ARE already supporting, take note, your pledge level CAN be changed! I’m just sayin’! 😉

One last thing though–if I get funding fast enough, or if we go over the goal especially, I will consider dropping this novella down to be a reward at the $50 tier. In other words, if you put in for both paperbacks of the novels, you’d get the novella too! So if you find that tempting, think about spreading the word!