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And as long as I’m sprucing up the place, here, have a cat

George came along while I was juggling data around between my blogs and promptly demanded access to the lap. I think he may also have thought I couldn’t update my site without his help. But I’m dubious about his WordPress skills!

Such a Helpful Kitty

Such a Helpful Kitty

Testing as well to make sure that this crossposts okay over to LJ and Dreamwidth, and out to Twitter and Facebook!

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GBS show teaser!

The obligatory Great Big Writeup of Great Big Swoonability is on the way, but I’d like to share this one pic I got during the show. Usually my iPhone’s less than useful for taking photos in an indoor concert situation–since I inevitably wind up with blurred figures in a wash of color and light.

Sometimes, though, it winds up looking really, REALLY cool. Like this pic!

God of Music and Light

God of Music and Light

And some of you may have heard rumors of a Certain Cake. What I’ll say about that right now is that the cake was not indeed a Lie. Stay tuned for more details on that cunning plan and how it was enacted!

Great Big Sea, Photos

Great Big Sea at the Woodland Park Zoo, 7/29/2010

There’s only one thing really that could have kept me from writing this up in a timely fashion–and that’s the simple fact that I’ve been working all weekend with userinfosolarbird on our entry for the Great Big Karaoke Contest! But I assure you, I’m still in a warm and fuzzy afterglow from Thursday’s awesome show.

This time around we didn’t get quite as much long, protracted banter as we did the last time the B’ys played the zoo–but we did get quite a bit of delicious Murray-focused banter, as well as sly remarks about how the sun beating down on the stage clearly meant the lads were going to have to start taking off some clothes. Compare and contrast this to how Lillian and Moira, ages 4 and 3, loudly demanded for me to take them up front to the dancing area and got me going around in circles with them singing “Donkey Riding” at the top of our lungs. That’s a Great Big Sea show for you, folks. Vast, and containing multitudes!

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Great Big Sea, Photos

Brief pictorial teaser

I didn’t get too many pics during the show since I’m still learning the fine art of how to do a picture on the iPhone that doesn’t suck–and then how to actually save it in the best possible format. However, I’m pretty happy with this one of my B’ys! As you can see I wasn’t too far back from the stage, with only a small number of fans in front of us.

B'ys of Awesomeness

B'ys of Awesomeness

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Sunrise over Lake Washington

When I was walking down the hill to the bus stop, the sunrise over the lake was stunningly pretty. There was quite the cloud formation going on over the treeline and the lake, and sunlight was pretty much setting the entire thing on fire. Best of all, it was bouncing off the lake as well so there was this great lovely span of pink before me as I was heading to the corner.

My dinky little iPhone camera doesn’t really do it justice, but here it is anyway:

(ETA: Grf, for some reason the photo isn’t coming through on the version of this post mirroring out to LJ and Dreamwidth. Possibly due to a recent WordPress upgrade on my part! Anyway, if you’re looking at this from anywhere but the WordPress blog, try looking here for the picture.

ETA #2: No wait duh. I didn’t see the picture because AdBlock Plus was eating it. Oops!)

I wanted to call this out particularly because the last couple weeks of weather here have been classic Seattle winter: rainy and windy and awful. The last day or two though, it’s cleared up. And it brought us the lovely sunrise, so!

Meanwhile I would also like to note that the tally of books purchased or otherwise acquired has jumped significantly for the month! Continuing the January theme of “Buying Things Written by “, I ordered the two missing books of his Outremer series from Powell’s, and a copy of Dispossession from Mr. Brenchley himself. I was particularly interested in that one, since a) its cover is the source of his userpic, and b) it involves amnesia in the plot, and y’all know what a sucker I am for an amnesia plot. 😉

I do think I’ll have to have me a Chaz Brenchley marathon sometime soon.

Also! I volunteered to do a bit of coding work for Smart Bitch Sarah Wendell, as I posted before. Took me a couple hours this past weekend to get her something approximating what she’ll need; it’ll need a bit of fine-tuning perhaps, but it’s at least in the ballpark. She kindly paid me for my time in the best way possible: a Fictionwise gift certificate! So I have a new pile of ebooks to add to the list of things purchased/acquired thus far this year:

  • Magic Bites, Magic Burns, and Magic Strikes, the Kate Daniels novels by . Urban fantasy. In the case of the first two, re-buys of books I’d previously purchased in paperback form
  • Dead to Me, by . Urban fantasy. Another re-buy in ebook form
  • Unperfect Souls, by . Urban fantasy. Pre-order of the forthcoming next Conner Grey novel
  • Three Days to Dead, by Kelly Meding. Urban fantasy.
  • Deadtown, by Nancy Holzner. Urban fantasy.
  • Sentinels: Wolf Hunt, by Doranna Durgin. Paranormal Romance.
  • Exception to the Rule, by Doranna Durgin. Suspense/Romance.
  • Beyond the Rules, by Doranna Durgin. Suspense/Romance.
  • The Knights of the Cornerstone, by James P. Blaylock. Fantasy. Re-buy in ebook form, since Fictionwise was selling it for only 84 cents!

This brings the Books Acquired tally for 2010 thus far up to 22. Go me!