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I am making a wiki!

Today while I was at Folklife, I ran into my friend and reader Jamie, who told me that a) she’d finally read Faerie Blood and Bone Walker, and is totally fangirling Elessir (YAY), and b) once she actually heard me pronounce “Elessir”, she asked me about a pronunciation guide for my works.

And I thought, y’know, this is a good excuse to do something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while: which is to say, setting up a little wiki for useful in-universe information about my books.

This has now been done. I’ve spawned off a supplementary site which will have the URL It’ll basically be a wiki only I can edit, so not really actually a wiki–but I’m calling it that anyway for convenience. And because I’ve slapped a theme on it to make it look wiki-like and hopefully navigate wiki-like as well.

So this is where you guys come in: I’d like to hear from anyone who’s read any of my stories as to what information you think would be neat to know. Pronunciation guides for both series of books, the Free Court books AND the Rebels ones, are probable. (Organizationally, how I’ll probably do that is to include a pronunciation guide for individual character pages, pages about places, and such, rather than just one big list of how to pronunce everything.)

But I’d also like to hear from y’all as to what else you think would be interesting to know. Talk to me in the comments! Once I have enough data on it for it to actually be useful, I’ll add it to the main site navigation here on

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