Boosting the Signal

Inadvertent Boosting the Signal hiatus and apology

Y’all may have noticed that there haven’t been any Boosting the Signal posts in a while. This is not because I don’t have any to post–because I DO. But I’ve been swamped with trying to plan a bunch of my own projects lately, as well as not having much brain left over from the day job.

But I’ve been also trying to conduct a bunch of digital spring cleaning in my life, and that includes working on email backlog, which in turn means working on getting those lagged Boosting the Signal posts out.

Therefore, I’d like to issue public apologies to Shawna Reppert, Jeffrey Cook, Kyell Gold, and a couple other folks I think I’ve missed, about not getting your posts up in a timely fashion. I will be putting up those lagged posts this week, so please be on the lookout for those.

Once that is done, I’m also going to put Boosting the Signal on a bit more official of a hiatus. I have a lot of writing I need to do–as I called out in my post from earlier today, I have a lot of balls in the air and I need to focus on juggling them properly if I want to get at least one release done this year. So I won’t be actively recruiting Boosting the Signal posts for a while.

If people want to actively send me ones, I’ll be happy to run ’em, I just won’t be actively recruiting them.

And again, apologies to Shawna and Jeff and Kyell and the others!

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