Victory of the Hawk

Victory of the Hawk is IMMINENT and people are even reviewing it!

Just a couple more weeks to go until Victory of the Hawk comes out, which is exciting!

Particularly when I stumble across early reviews like THIS ONE at Library Journal–wherein I’m reviewed in passing with a few other titles!

I particularly like this quote:

Somehow, Highland is able to introduce numerous characters and story lines and connect them seamlessly. Readers will be pleased at how the author ties up these plots and ends the trilogy.

The reviewer points out quite correctly that I do not have much overt romance resolution in this book–although there is some. But there’s not much by romance reader standards, to which I note again that I am not actually writing a romance here, so that’s all to the good. And yeah, I’ll totally take this entire review as a lovely treasure!

I’ve updated the Victory of the Hawk page with this review’s link, as well as adding in several more links to where you can buy the book. It still hasn’t shown up on Carina’s actual site, but the instant it’s up there, I WILL be letting you all know!

(I note in particular for any of my readers in Quebec that Archambault does have the Rebels of Adalonia books for digital sale on their site, too. And I’m pretty tickled to see surrounding graphics promoting The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies on the page for Victory right now. I consider this delicious genre synchronicity and will take any excuse to have my work in the company of Tolkien that I can get. >:D )

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